Michael Stokey


Michael Stokey is the son of Emmy Award winning Mike Stokey of Pantomime Quiz and Stump the Stars fame. In April 1966 he left Beverly Hills and enlisted in the Marine Corps. After boot camp and Infantry Training he was sent to Camp Lejeune for three months.

Not fond of the spit-and-shine and brass routine of Stateside Marine Corps life, he volunteered for Vietnam and was on his way that December, when he kept extending until he was due to get out in April, 1969. There he was attached to the 1st Marine Division Informational Services Office (ISO) as a combat correspondent. He was on dozens of major operations including the 1968 TET Offensive in Hué and the siege of Khe Sahn. During his many tours he was wounded three times and awarded the Bronze Star for valor.

Much of his time in Nam was spent with Dale Dye, a sergeant as was Stokey then, and Gustav Hasford, who later wrote The Short-timers which was adapted by Stanley Kubrick and renamed Full Metal Jacket. Dale Dye (Capt., USMC ret.) wrote the novelization of Oliver Stone’s Platoon. And Stokey has had his first novel optioned by Avon Books.

For the past ten years, Stokey has written over 60 ½ hours for children’s animated television, as well as serving as a Military Technical Advisor for numerous war films including The Thin Red Line, Snow Falling on Cedars, Truman, Born on the Fourth of July, Heaven and Earth, etc., often with his long-time friend and partner, Dale Dye.

We are proud to have a man like Michael Stokey as our friend.


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